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Holistic equipment

HEWI’s individual equipment concepts are distinctive for their modularity and can be further developed with the respective needs of the customer. Our concepts can adapt to specific living conditions and enable a more holistic way of living. Individuality begins with the room architecture and ends in the smallest detail of its furnishings. Different stages of life or temporarily changed living conditions require a new, advanced way of thinking in terms of equipment solutions. Concepts that can be quickly and easily adapted as well as design-oriented accents, are solutions that enable future-proof living – be it within your own four walls, in healthcare or public buildings.

Consistent down to the last detail

Those who take design seriously must also consider the relationship between individual needs and the challenges facing society as a whole, regardless of whether rooms are holistic or individual solutions. HEWI’s system solutions deliver design continuity from door furniture to entire bathrooms, in a unique way. For us, accessibility elements are not a feature or a special series – they are part of our entire thought, design and production process.

This is why our system solutions adapt to the needs of users across all generations. Our systems can be expanded and tailored to suit the needs of the user.

The bathroom is often the key that empowers our own self-determination and the independent use of our living environment. A bathroom designed for several generations to use, can offer solutions for everyone – whether large or small, with a wheelchair or without, or any other aid. However, accessibility goes beyond your own four walls. HEWI enables unrestricted use that meets the standards for all people in all types of property.

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Accessories, easy to use products, accessibility elements and fittings form a consistent unit at HEWI, in simple, yet elegant designs that can be expanded at any time, as and when required. In this way, additional supporting solutions can be retrofitted into existing equipment environments. Because of their design, HEWI solutions fit perfectly into any ambience and without attracting attention as a support product. Clear design language, innovative functions and the highest standards of quality and durability, all help to remove negative associations.

The intergenerational bathroom also has a social dimension. It can be changed over time so that this special room, adapts to the requirements of all and future generations. In addition to sanitary rooms, HEWI also creates accessibility solutions with products for corridors, windows and doors, that form cohesive units together with our sanitary products. Diverse designs and materials offer unique design options for every area of application.

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