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HEWI design icon in dreamy guest house in Mallorca  

On the popular vacation island of Mallorca, a colorfully designed vacation home invites its guests to enjoy the Mediterranean under shady trees and unwind. The house is secluded in the heart of Mallorca – the location is characterized by peace and quiet, which is particularly inviting for relaxation while on vacation.  

Photo: bconnected

Foto: bconnected

Minimalism meets colorful design  

The high-quality interior design of the guest house places colors in the spotlight. Combined with minimalist decor ideas, modern lines and large windows that open the rooms, the result is a design concept that invites you to dream. The modern house is surrounded by tall trees that provide shelter from the Spanish sun, as well as the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. The color of the sun is reflected in various accents throughout the interior design of the vacation home. Whether in carpets, pillows, bedding or the iconic door handle 111 from HEWI in the color mustard yellow.  

Bauhaus accent on the door 

With the colorful door handle 111, the designer of the show house, Christine Leja, literally invites guests to enter and take in the rooms. At the same time, the handle creates a stylish accent on the door, which positively and cheerfully charges the atmosphere in the room. The color is repeated again and again in various places in the rest of the interior of the house and creates exciting color contrasts with other furnishings.  

Photo: bconnected

Photo: bconnected

bconnected Interior Design Studio 

The vacation home was designed in collaboration with bconnected Interior Design Studio, also based in Mallorca, by top-class designer Christine Leja. The interior designer admits to finding her inspiration in the Bauhaus style, which is also a defining feature of the Spanish guest house as well as the HEWI 111 lever handle. Her designs are based primarily on light, openness and, of course, color, as shown by the colorful guest house in Mallorca.  

Photo: bconnected


Door handles are an essential building block in architecture, which is particularly functional. However, they not only enable people to enter or leave a room and to open and close it, but are also part of the overall creative context of a room - because design attitude is also expressed in the smallest details.  

With the System 111 lever handle, HEWI has succeeded in writing architectural history. Because even today, more than 50 years after its creation, the hardware solution shows how timeless and modern it is. Thanks to its design language, the lever handle is contemporary and offers a wide range of design options in architecture. Polyamide in combination with deliberately used colors and the clear design language, reduced to the essentials, results in the timeless design of the System 111 lever handle. System 111 is available in a wide range of colors, offering scope for design options.   

With the variants bicolor, mini and matt, System 111 offers a wide range of lever handles - so you can find the right solution for your project. 


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