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Redesign: The multiple award-winning LifeSystem sets standards

LifeSystem is the system for the professional care sector. The multiple award-winning sanitary series is used in many hospitals and nursing homes and is appreciated by both patients and carers. Since 2021, LifeSystem has appeared in a new look - and thanks to new, innovative features, once again underlines HEWI's leadership in the field of accessibility. Our product manager and industrial designer Johanna Radies reveals in an interview which new functions LifeSystem has.

Johanna Radies | HEWI Product Management

HEWI: Ms Radies, could you briefly explain the background to LifeSystem at the outset - why did HEWI develop S 802 LifeSystem?

Johanna Radies: HEWI is a pioneer and market leader in the sanitary sector for accessibility. For this reason we have developed an absolute professional system for the care bathroom. The focus for HEWI was clearly on people and the emphasis was placed on ergonomics. Because LifeSystem puts the user at the centre. Together with the design agency NOA we have created a series that is very well received by the market.


HEWI: LifeSystem has been available in a redesign since 2021. Why did you take this step?

Johanna Radies: LifeSystem has already been installed by planners and architects for many years and is highly valued in the professional care sector. Now we wanted to modernise and optimise LifeSystem with new findings from users and research. A lot has happened in the market with regard to materials and new technologies. It has been important for us to review LifeSystem in all aspects with regard to requirements and current possibilities in order to get the best out of the product. In this way, we are further strengthening our barrier-free system competence. In addition to a more modern and attractive design language, the aim was also to include new features and to further increase product quality. The redesign was again developed together with the NOA agency.


HEWI: Can you go into more detail on individual points here?

Johanna Radies: Hygiene is an important topic which is currently very much in focus and is an omnipresent issue in the care sector in particular. We have optimised the new products in this direction and, for example, ensured fewer parting lines, which significantly increases hygiene. In addition, there are some functions in the original LifeSystem, such as the grip element on the folding support handle or the height adjustment, which we have made more prominent.


HEWI: Were there any challenges to overcome during the revision?

Johanna Radies: Well, changing a classic is always difficult. The recognition value of the series and the individual products is important. Here we had to find a balance between optimisation and the previous look and feel of LifeSystem. In my opinion, we succeeded in doing this very well, so that we can certainly inspire new customers and win them over. That is why the series has not been given a new name after the redesign. Because despite the improvements, LifeSystem is still LifeSystem - the sanitary system for professional care.


HEWI: Thank you very much for the interview, Ms Radies.

Johanna Radies: With pleasure!

The most important changes of the redesign of LifeSystem at a glance

Folding support handle

The folding support rail has become slimmer and more elegant in its appearance. Furthermore, it is characterised by an ergonomic design language. The unique selling point on the market - the round grip element at the front of the handle - has been retained, as has its design feature, the chrome disc. What is new is that the folding support rail is also available with a plain end piece. In general, it offers a wide armrest as well as a pleasant, warm feel in the grip area.

The folding support rail can be ordered in contrasting colour variants - for example in white-anthracite or anthracite-white. In addition to the lengths 700, 750, 850 and 900 mm, the folding support rail is now also available in 600 mm. From a length of 700 mm, modular additional functions are possible for the folding support rail, such as a radio flush release, a castor holder, a shelf, a walking aid holder and a floor support.


The new seats from LifeSystem are particularly impressive due to their elegant appearance. The ergonomic shape of the seat surface and backrest as well as the continuous leaning surface provide a pleasant sitting feeling. The feeling of safety is reinforced by the thickness of the material and also the grip edge running around under the seat surface. HEWI has also retained the characteristic chrome disc as a design feature on the joint here.

The seats are available in different versions, as folding seat Basic, folding seat and suspension seat Comfort with backrest and folding seat Premium or suspension seat Premium with additional armrests. A new feature is that the seats are available both with and without a pubic cut-out. The height adjustment has been improved for users and is clearly separated from the actual product. Due to the optimization, there are no more gaps where dirt could accumulate.

Shower stool

The shower stool has also been optimised by HEWI. The new design language matches the revised seats. It is stable, sturdy and safe. Instead of the two handles, there is a wrap-around grip edge under the stool. The LifeSystem shower stool is only available with a pubic cut-out. The chrome-plated legs give the stool a beautiful appearance. Another new feature is that the stool legs are height-adjustable (420, 450, 480 as well as 510 mm) and can be adapted to the user's individual requirements. In addition, there is the Comfort shower stool with armrests and the Premium shower stool with all-round arm and backrest.

Further innovations of the LifeSystem series can also be found in our new video:



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